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Monday, November 29, 2010

You Are What You Eat.

"Your arteries are the rivers within your body that continually transport essential nutrients and oxygen from your heart to the rest of your body".

 A big part of staying healthy and also keeping your arteries clean and clear is related to your diet and what you eat. If you have read on my about me profile you will have learned that I had a health scare a few years back. I now plan to do as much as I can to prevent any problems in the future. I control what I eat so why not make sure that what I am putting in my body is the best thing for it?! There’s no joke in the popular saying that says: “You are what you eat.” It just makes good sense that what you put in your body is what will reflect out in all aspects of your health.

It’s been reported over and over that eating a cleaner diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably organic) can really help prevent heart disease and other life-threatening ailments – plus help scrub away built-up clogging plaque in our arteries.

 A friend of mine is amazingly dedicated to putting the best foods on the table for her and her family. I do envy her for her dedication and healthy chosen lifestyle to what is called "clean eating".  I used to have her daughter in my day care and the pressure was on to make sure I put down healthier meals for her daughter. We always do eat healthy anyways but when she brought the eating cleaner lifestyle to my attention I never really did realize how bad some of the store bought ( apparently healthy foods) were so bad for me and my family.  If you read her blog you will learn a lot about this.  She brought to my attention her cooking habits and lifestyle changes she had made for her family.  She uses no processed food as her guideline and lives by that.  I am a big fan of her blog.  She has brought a lot to my attention about eating better through her blog I have learned about the importance of eating cleaner. I will try little by little to get some of the bad processed food out of our fridge but it may take some time to to go full fledged clean eating. Right now my concentration and focus is to loose a few pounds , meaning I may have a few artificial ingredients in my meals...but one day I would love to be as dedicated as my friend Dallas. 
You can learn about her and pick up some great tips at  

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